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years in the ceramic industry

In 1964, Mr Georges ROCHET founded the ROCHET Company in Pamiers (France).

At first, the company was specialised in making bricks and tiles dies. Very quickly, the novelty of the design of the ROCHET dies allowed a higher level of the ceramic bricks quality. The adjustment of new material as vautid (1967), tungsten carbide (1968) have been used in France and all over the world.

In 1969, thanks to Mr Georges Rochet’s competence and on french brickmakers’ demand, a first cutter was realized.

At once, this cutter got a success because it allowed a very high production level with a high cutting precision.

During the last thirty years, we have developped the more extensive range of ceramics cutters in the world.

Since 1994, Mr Alain Rochet insure the development of the company of which more than 1500 cutters work all over the world.